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Aromatherapy’s Effects

To feel well, being in a good mood, living in a balanced point between tension and relaxation, this is a goal that most people consider completely unreachable in their daily lives.

Why not do something good for yourself, to really relax the mind and to be given a time to rest and take it easy?

This would be also the best form of taking care of your health, because it is known that the spiritual well-being reinforces the immune system. But with the stress caused by our multiple daily obligations we don’t take the necessary time to recover or we don’t take advantage of our time correctly.

If we feel physical or mental symptoms we limit ourselves to take pills that cover up the symptoms and help us “get back into motion” as soon as possible. We totally pass up the relationship that can exist between the physical uneasiness and the mental one.


Let us see a very average example: A state of being in a bad mood, maybe caused by some difficulties at work, end up causing headaches and stomach acidity.

And the pains and physical uneasiness don’t in fact help to get us in a good mood, neither do they stimulate concentration or creativity … and it is believed that this is the way a vicious cycle is formed and that the only way out should not be going to look for it in analgesics like aspirin neither in other medications.

If something is wrong in our minds or in our spirits and we determine not to pay attention to their warnings, our body will continue paying the consequences. With the essential oils we can obtain a general well-being that helps us to alleviate the physical symptoms easily.

To put a couple of drops of oil in a vaporizer is just as easy as to take a pill, to connect the television or to open a bottle … but the effect is radically different.