Where Do They Get The Stuff That Essential Oils Are Made From?

Origin Of Essential Oils

Natural essential oils come from plants all over the world, but mainly from warmer climates, because most of them need a lot of sun and heat to be able to produce the things that essential oils are extracted from.

They are formed in the oleaginous vesicles and they accumulate in diverse parts and organs of the plants: flowers, leaves, and seeds, skin of the fruits, roots, barks, marrow or woody stems.

Some plants only need some heat to give its aroma, while in other parts it can be necessary to cut them, to press them or even to crush them.

You Want Organic

If essential oils of plants are extracted that have been cultivated in a conventional way they can contain remnants of fertilizers or pesticides that act as pollutants and can give allergic reactions or cause allergies.

Therefore, it is important to always use oils of plants that are guaranteed biologically natural cultivations, that is to say organic, or a plant that has been cared for with natural means.

Where do essential oils come from?

Most people understand that you don’t get a high quality Natural product if the source product has been grown with synthetic (chemical) fertilizer products or that have at some point synthetic things have been added to them in any phase of their growth.

The best and most appreciated essential oils are those coming from wild plants.

The form of obtaining the essential oil of a plant depends on the part of the plant you are using to extract the oil. The most common method is the distillation with vapor, in a still; it makes the plants liberate their essences in boiling water or in the vapor of water.